Use & Sharing Policy

The goal of this U24 Co-clinical Imaging Research Resource Program Network (CIRP) 
website is to share research resources that will encourage a consensus on how Quantitative Imaging (QI) methods are optimized to improve correlation of results for co-clinical trials. 

All parties who utilize this website or its resources data must agree
to adhere to the CIRP publication policy & sharing guidelines as described here: 

Acknowledge the CIRP member (including associated grant #)
when publicly presenting any results or algorithms that benefitted from their use.  

Papers, book chapters, books, posters, oral presentations, and all other printed and digital presentations of results derived from CIRP data should acknowledge the site where the data originated and our CIRP Grant number (U24CA253377). 

If a resource (data, algorithm, phantom, etc.) has a publication
associated with it, all printed or digital presentations should cite the associated publication.

Failure to abide by these data use terms may result in termination
of your right to access and use the CIRP member data.

Release of data and tools will be released to individuals or companies
upon publication of the project’s manuscript. 

Data will be shared in a manner that allows good use to be made of them. This includes, for example, proper documentation, indexing, or curation/vetting of data where appropriate.  Appropriate attribution and acknowledgement for CIRP Resources will be provided.